Best online music stream services for your home

Listening to music is a part of our daily lives. Getting ready for work, hosting a party or chilling out at home, most of us tune in during some part of our day. You can purchase all the songs you’ll ever want to listen to, but that can get expensive!

Why not try an online music streaming service for your home? You can listen to a variety of artists and genres – whatever you’re in the mood for – plus, you broaden your horizons by listening to curated playlists that contain songs that you haven’t heard of…yet.

Here are a few of the best streaming services for home use. was one of the first music streaming sites, and it also served as a social network platform for music lovers. In fact, you can still connect with friends and share favorites if you like. You can create a profile right off the bat that is tailored to your tastes, then will customize your playlists further the more you listen.


Spotify has a free version and a paid, ‘Premium’ version that requires a subscription. This digital music system gives you access to the music you love, plus podcasts and videos. You are able to create playlists and star tracks for later listening, and you can also import your existing library into Spotify.

Google Play Music

As you would imagine, Google Play Music is easy to integrate with the Google Play Store, meaning that you can purchase songs you like quickly and easily. You can add music to a ‘locker’ to be played back later, and this platform works well with YouTube also. You can stream Google Play Music on the web or with an Android or iOS device.


Slacker Radio has remained at the top of the list for best online music streaming platform because it all began with human-curated playlists. Slacker also includes news and weather updates within its streaming, and there are specific interest channels available for sports, entertainment and much more.

Amazon Prime

At $99 for a year’s subscription, you may think Amazon Prime Music is a little steep. That stands to reason, but if you are already going to have an Amazon Prime account and you use it for the free shipping, your music streaming will more than pay for itself as an added bonus. Amazon Prime Music allows you to save music to be played offline, or you can listen to your favorite stations on the go.


Pandora is practically a household name in online music streaming. Its free version and the paid version, ‘Pandora Plus,’ offer a wide range of genres to fit your mood exactly. The free version of Pandora keeps ads to a minimum so that you can keep listening to music for free, and you’ll likely hear something you haven’t before if you listen long enough. Pandora pioneered the ‘Music Genome Project,’ which automatically curates your songs based on the preferences you share.