Tree trimming tips for Spring

Trimming is an important part of your trees’ health, and it must be done regularly. You should examine your trees throughout the year to see how they are growing and what upcoming needs they may have in the spring. That way, you can put some thought into how you plan to trim the tree ahead of time rather than haphazardly cutting off limbs in the spring just because it’s time to prune. (more…)

Best ways to clean tile

There’s no doubt that tile is easier to keep clean than carpet. It’s a smart choice for many of your high traffic rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. But your tile and the grout in between will eventually become dirty and even stained.

You need to know the proper way to care for tiles so that they do not become dingy. Clean tiles and grout are the best way to keep those busy areas of your home looking sparkling clean!

Preventative Care

Stop the tile from getting dirty before stains have a chance to set in. Most people realize that grout is very porous and can trap dirt easily, but they do not realize that tile is fairly porous as well.

Therefore, it is a good idea to clean your tile daily in order to keep it looking good. You should sweep or vacuum it every day to keep the dirt and grime from working its way deep into the tile.

Also, mop as often as possible using whatever cleaning mixture you prefer. A simple mixture of vinegar and hot water can be very effective when you use it frequently to mop your tile. If you’d rather use a store-bought product, look for eco-friendly products if you have pets or small children that will be spending a lot of time directly on the tile.

Stain Care

Stains on tile are particularly pesky if you do not get them cleaned up quickly. They can absorb into the tile and grout and seem impossible to remove.

Try using a paste made of baking soda and water to clean tile and grout. This paste can be applied liberally with a toothbrush then rinsed away. If you do not see the results you want, apply the paste to the stain or dark area again and leave it longer this time before rinsing.

Pencil erasers work well to remove dirt and grime, too. If you have a small area of tile or grout that is stained, try rubbing it with a standard pink or white eraser before trying more invasive methods.

One of the best tips about cleaning up stains is to take care of them as soon as they happen. Blot or wipe up a spill on your tile and then use the baking soda paste or any of the following methods to clean it up immediately.


Most people skip this step, but dry mopping after you wet mop your floor will prevent dirt particles from sticking to the water, thereby causing the tile to get dirty again even faster.

A water and ammonia mixture – equal parts of each – will do well to remove certain stains, such as mildew. Use a soft brush, rinse and repeat for your desired results.

You can also use bleach for tough stains, but never use ammonia and bleach together, because this combination releases a very toxic poison.

Professional steam cleaning is also an option. A professional carpet cleaning company will have equipment that also cleans tile and grout to like-new condition.

When to service your air conditioning system

You probably don’t give your air conditioning system much thought during the winter months, or even when it’s working properly in the summer. But maybe you should.

In most US climates, the air conditioner doesn’t run all year long, so in its inactive time, your AC unit may accumulate dust and dirt in the filters, fans and intake components. This buildup can cause your air conditioner to lose up to 5% efficiency every year. Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning unit can get to the point that it can’t cool your house at all. (more…)

Best online music stream services for your home

Listening to music is a part of our daily lives. Getting ready for work, hosting a party or chilling out at home, most of us tune in during some part of our day. You can purchase all the songs you’ll ever want to listen to, but that can get expensive!

Why not try an online music streaming service for your home? You can listen to a variety of artists and genres – whatever you’re in the mood for – plus, you broaden your horizons by listening to curated playlists that contain songs that you haven’t heard of…yet.

Here are a few of the best streaming services for home use. (more…)

Great home music systems

A home music system can make your home feel like a movie theater. It can also make your home dance party headquarters, if that’s what you’re into. Whatever the reason you’re looking into purchasing a home music system, know that there are many great options out there.

We’re here to help you choose the very best home music system for you. We’ll look at a few different brands and the selling points of each one. Ultimately, though, you will need to decide what features are most important to you when choosing just one from the many great options. (more…)